We have extensive knowledge and experience in consulting on APQP in the aerospace industry.

Our goal is to ensure that the introduction of APQP is accompanied by us as part of a comprehensive project management process to achieve maximum product quality already during product planning, design, process development and in the run-up to series production. The prevention of errors is also at the forefront.

We advise you on the introduction of the 5 phase model according to EN 9145 for

  • Planning
  • Product design and development
  • Process design and development
  • Product and process validation
  • Current production and use/service after delivery

By focusing on topics such as Critical to Quality (CTQ), Critical to Cost (CTC) and Critical to Delivery (CTD) in combination with project management, lean management and Six Sigma approach, we help organizations to better monitor their internal and external supply chains by applying APQP methods from EN 9145 and customer requirements. The performance of assessments ensures your success during implementation.

With our proven know-how, we enable efficient and targeted consulting services to optimize your APQP processes.