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Services in Quality Assurance

Join us in using our services. Outsourcing is a viable way to reduce operating costs, focus on core competencies, and move from a fixed to a variable cost model. We provide you with the experts to do this. We perform supply chain audits and training for your company.

We offer services in areas that are often associated with a high effort for qualification. Some examples from the practice of our customers:

  • Conducting internal and external audits
  • Conducting project reviews and evaluations of developments
  • Supply chain monitoring and supply chain audits
  • Audits of special processes
  • Training of employees
  • Human Factor Training Part 145
  • On-site task force
  • Temporary management
  • Coaching of executives

We adapt our tasks to the needs of your company and combine implementation, coaching and training. In this way, your employees can apply our expertise in their daily work and our knowledge of your company remains available to you at all times.